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What Conditions Can Stem Cells Treat?

While there is much controversy surrounding the use of stem cells in medical treatments, it is an undisputed fact that stem cells are powerful and can potentially have a significant impact on our lives.

The reason for such a strong potential is that stem cells can replicate themselves indefinitely. This means that as long as they remain healthy, which stem cells generally do, they keep making new copies of themselves, resulting in the production of more and more specific cell types.

For those suffering from chronic conditions, stem cell therapy treatments can be a very viable option.

Cord Injuries

Stem cell therapy is considered one of the best treatment options available for patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. In fact, stem cells have already helped thousands of people achieve more mobility and enhanced their quality of life just by helping damaged tissues in the spinal cord become functional again.

stem cell therapy

Damaged Brain Tissue

In addition to treating spinal cord injuries, researchers are now testing ways to use stem cells in treating brain injuries. This is a massive development in the medical community as current treatments can only do so much for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries. With stem cell treatment, researchers can potentially regenerate damaged brain cells and tissues.


Stem cells have also been used to help treat multiple sclerosis. This debilitating condition often causes the immune system to attack myelin, resulting in scarred nerve sheaths that prevent transmitting signals between different parts of the body. Stem cells can improve the function of myelin-producing cells and also help reduce the inflammation that causes damage.

The science of stem cells is only just beginning. As the FDA moves to relax regulations on stem cell treatments, more and more research will lead to additional medical breakthroughs that could change the health industry as we know it.

If you want to use stem cells to benefit your health, do your homework first and choose a reputable clinic.